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Time delay setting for rollout/in of autohiding toolbar?


Mouser, I finally got to play with this program after almost a year of putting it off (tests and other stuff).

So, I'm configuring the program just the way I like it, and I'll post more thoughts about it later, but right now, the most immediate question I have is about the time delay of the autohiding docbars.  My pet peeve with autohiding/sliding menus is that I want them to appear immediately when my mouse goes over it AND disappear immediately when my mouse leaves.  In Windows' TweakUI, there is a place where you can set this behavior delay to 0, so everything is instant.  Is there any setting for something like that for LaunchBar?  If not, will it be implemented in the future?  Some programs, like AutoCAD, sometimes include an ini setting for this.

OK, that's it for now.  Great program, I'm surprised I lasted this long without it.

OK, I've almost finished setting up my toolbar, it's great!  I'll attach a screenshot later, although it's nothing special.  I've realized that I need to find some cool icons somewhere.

Back to this docking issue, I don't like having the toolbar docked because it takes away screenspace.  However, when I do the hiding or sliding docked bar, it's response is somewhat sluggish, and for someone as impatient as me, I found it a little frustrating.  On several occasions, when my mouse went to the edge of the screen to make the toolbar appear, nothing I would have to click on an empty part of the desktop first and then move the mouse back to the edge to appear.  So, the other option is the have the toolbar in it's floating window mode, which I like, but I don't like that it get's hidden behind other windows, and I also don't want that big window to always be on top either.  (As you can tell, I'm hard to please!).  So, the last option is to put it in the system tray, which I don't like because it's too small in there.

Therefore, overall I prefer the hiding dockbar, but it has to react instantaneously as the mouse goes over and leaves the edge (see, just now, I made the toolbar appear, I clicked back into this message to finish typing, and the toolbar is still should immediately go hide).  Does anyone else experience this?

yeah.. the autohiding really doesn't work well, it's not just you.. i almost just disabled the feature completely but i figured i have to leave it in so that i can remember to fix it.  i'll try to get it working. as a side note i actually find it very helpfull to have mine visible at all times; it takes up a little bit of space but it's kind of like a reminder for me of the tools in my toolbox :)

Ok, cool, I'm glad it's not just me and that you're aware of it.  As for having it visible always, I'm with you there for my personal computer, but at work, I'm working with AutoCAD and I'm very stingy with my space--I even turn off the scrollbars in AutoCAD to get those few pixels back.

One other feature I was thinking of suggesting is this:
Since, like you, I kind of like having the toolbar always visible, I was initially inclined to have it in the floating window mode, but it was too easy to move and resize it, etc.  Would it be possible to "lock" the window location and size of the toolbar?  Maybe there is already software that already exists that does this for any window, I'll check it out.  Maybe it's a good idea for a coding snack!

PS  I just found out about the linking feature, love it!  That's a good idea for notetaking programs also, Surfulater does does Mybase...okay, I'm off-topic.


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