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IRC DAY 7/29 and 7/30

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We have had a irc channel for quite a while now  (#donationcoder on efnet).

[irc is like an instant messenger client but made for rooms of lots of people, and its got a long fun history].

But the channel is almost always empty.  That's ok but I thought we should at least make an effort to help people who want to try visiting the channel.

So, i'd like to suggest that next friday and saturday (July 29+30), will be irc day.
Anyone curious about irc or chatting in a channel with other people, please mark your calendars .

Follow ups to this thread over the next couple of days will include instructions and guidelines for installing an irc client and connecting to our channel.

So stay tuned for more help to follow, and join us in the channel any time!

nice idea to have a special day.

I dropped into the IRC channel once, and there was lots of heavy-duty dev jargon floating around.  I hung my head in shame and immediately disconnected.  :(

Kidding...  I didn't really disconnect immediately.  :)

one main thing to remember about irc is to learn to appreciate idleing.
sometimes one just connects to a channel, says hello and idles.
ie you just hang out in the background not talking, just listening.  it's one of the nice things about irc.

Whenever I've used IRC at all, I've encountered one of the following two scenarios:

* The channel is almost empty, and nothing is being said.

* The channel has 3/4 of the human population in it, and there are so many intermingled conversations, you have no idea WTF is going on.

Maybe it's just me.   :-[


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