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Going to try google adsense on the pages for 1 week

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As you know we removed google ads many months ago -
out of curiosity i'd like to restore them back the way they were for 7 days, if no one objects strongly, as an experiment.

I support this idea. If it's going to help DC, i'm all for it.

it's more out of curiosity than anything else - i'm definitely not saying the ads are coming back for more than a week.  just thought it would be worth putting them back up for a week to remind ourselves what they were like and see if the ads get more or less clicks than they did before.

I don't feel that I even have the right to object and I don't anyway.  I'm more concerned with the possible perception created. Given Google's recent propensity for attracting unwelcome press, the juxtaposition of Google and Ad on a site that emphasizes no advertising of mentioned products seems... out of keeping with the stated principles.

it's true it does have the possibility to blur the line in a bad way.  we don't have control over who advertises with google ads, so it's not like we take ads from certain companies or promote software to get an ad contract, but it's still a bit odd.  the really odd part of course is that on all of our software pages are ads for competing shareware programs  :P


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