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..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"


..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"[/b]

I won the drawing here and just posted my review.

I came here in order to find a better non indexing file searcher.

Find and Run Robot is close...but not what I once loved and Lost.

I became a member to get FARR's full key.

I also did some reading here.

 I just started playing with VBS a little while ago. I haven't made anything significant to share here and I am trying to learn VB2005.

What I recommend is the below.

Even if you are to lazy to try this....wake up and try it.  :-*

 A Free DNS Server That's Better and Safer Subscriber Eric Villarreal writes, "Open DNS offers their DNS server free of charge to replace the DNS servers that one's ISP uses.  They claim it to be faster, safer (from phishing sites, which are blocked), and smarter as it changes typos like .og to its correct form, .org and so on. I've been using it for a few days, and it does what it claims.  Just one more little thing to keep things safer.” Nice find, Eric. I tried it and it works well.

I needed to write about my PC has less of a battle and usin this DNS server pratically made Peer Guardian almost

Mouser...try it dude.

I'm just so impressed by the effects of normal/casual surfing use that I am recommending this DNS change to be a must Have "DO" for all my friends.

No account/login is needed.


Instead of duplicating info, I'll just post links to two other threads:

Summary: OpenDNS? No frigging way.

Summary: OpenDNS? No frigging way.
-f0dder (October 22, 2006, 08:20 AM)
--- End quote ---
;D ;D Unless you ISP's DNS is down right now and you desperatelly need to do something online :P

Summary: OpenDNS? No frigging way.
-f0dder (October 22, 2006, 08:20 AM)
--- End quote ---
;D ;D Unless you ISP's DNS is down right now and you desperatelly need to do something online :P
-jgpaiva (October 22, 2006, 10:43 AM)
--- End quote ---
True, then you can use it as an emergency backup. But as primary DNS? no way.

Ahhh...I see you guys already have been there & done that....I was so excited about it.

I read up on the links which you both kindly have supplied.

I was worried about my private personal info possibly being at risk And I am glad that is not factor.

What I noticed while using it and I still am and will keep on using is this

There are no more "glitches" for me either.

I use both DU Meter & Cool Beans System Info Meters to monitor my incoming & outgoing connection speeds. I just recently switched my ISP to SBC Global & I forgone installing their unneeded connection software junk and have my PC set up to connect to SBC directly.
The past 2 weeks I encounter connection "glitches". Meaning about every 3-4 minutes both my meters & also my down/up-loaders show nothing for about a full minute of both incoming and outgoing connections. My PC isn't hesitating and is very responsive. When I had AOL I never encountered this glitch. When I connect right now to another ISP which is configured the sameway, I again experience no glitch.

Why I am experiencing these glitches solely with SBC I have no idea.

I think it's due to a combination of my firewall(Zone Alarm Pro Suite) and PeerGuardian 2 taking a battering.

What I do know is that for past 3 days since I've been using OpenDNS
with my SBC connection everything has been better. I get no more connection glitches, ZAPS is alot more quite than usual and PeerGuardian is only blocking a hand-full of IP's compared to what it used to. I have not yet been blocked from any site which I normally frequent and my bandwidth is a notch higher. Plus PoGo loads alot more better and a few others. I am also experiencing fewer disconnections.

The only Blocked Page I have run into is here and it is only a sample by OpenDNS to verify if it's set up correctly or not. So it does show you a page to inform you if the site you are attempting to view is indeed blocked.

The fix TYPOs thing & the possible Phishing site warning. I'm neither for nor against when it comes to myself. For you newbies out there I recommend you to keep the Phishing filter enabled. It offers you another layer of protection of which most Phishing protection APPs are bombarded today with keeping their lists fully updated now-a-days. Those of you with static IP's can also easily disable both features via OpenDns's website here
So this isn't even a tangible complaint.

They clearly state that if an occasion should arise that an address can not either be found or resolved that you will indeed be directed to a search which will display advertisement. This is how they can keep their servers running and free for you & me.

I still have not encountered their search page. However when and if I ever do get to encounter this page, it sure won't upset me due the surfing smoothness I've gained. Besides that I am positive that ZAPS will happily block the ads that this page may contain & I'm sure many other ad blockers out there will too, for those who don't wish to seem them.

OpenDNS also boast that their web-caching abilities are better than a normal ISP's. This boast means absolutely nil to me.

To experience any increase in speed from any ISP's cache one has to surf with their ISP's provided browser & I never ever use those anyhow.

I have not run a ping test. I don't need to and I don't care. What I do know is my connection is now 100% smoother with fewer disconnections and my firewall protection is rattled way less often.

If I should ever run into any now unforeseen problem with OpenDNS in the near future I will definitely tell all about it.

If you haven't tried it I still think you should.


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