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Retain keywords after losing focus

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i have this problem that i hope i can make you understand. i call up farr and type something. then suddenly another window pops up stealing focus. to get back to farr, i would press the Pause key. so what happens now is instead continuing the earlier search, farr shows up with the default window. how do i avoid this?

btw, i tried alt+tabbing to get back to farr but it wasn't visible.

ok i think i can fix that.

thanks mouser. :Thmbsup:

+1 vote for this add, i also noticed the same problem...

just to clarify - what you want is for the break key to not reset the search when used to bring focus back to the window when already on the screen.  in other words you want the break key to behave as if you had just click on the farr window titlebar in this case right?


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