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ACDSee 9.0 available

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In Oz, we usually say "take the mickey". 

I notice the price has come down.  I was seriously considering buying v8.0 but was hesitating as I already have SmartPix and just yesterday took the plunge and got its upgrade to v9 for $US13.70.


Variaions on "take the Michael" are "take the piss" and "take the mickey". My understanding of the expression(s) is that it describes a situation in which someone is flagrantly thumbing their nose at someone else, or some rule. I first heard it in Oxford in 1994 when a friend I was with took a bag of crisps (chips) into a pub (Eagle and Child) and the bartender came over and pointed to a sign prohibiting outside food or drink from being consumed in the pub. Then he told her that bringing them into the pub was: "really taking the piss".

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Darwin that is what I meant ...

It bugs me that ACDSee seem to bring out endless 'upgrades' most of which seem like little more than tinkering with the interface so it looks a bit different - has anything of value really been added since about version 3 or 4 ? True it has gained bloat and is now much slower than it used to be - plus the download is a lot bigger, but I can't really see that much has been added that is worth a couple of upgrades every year.

Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical.

What about ? Has anyone used it? How does it compare w/ ACDSee?
-sri (September 13, 2006, 03:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

Microsoft? What is Microsoft doing buying that company? Could be that program the new Picture Viewer built in Vista?

Anyway, besides Microsoft purchases, I've never considered ACDSee as a program I could use. I've always found very bloated, and its interface is not that intuitive. I prefer XnView, even more now that version 1.90 is on its way, seems better than ever.

Please just confirm for me that one can't view pictures or thumbnails from different directories in Xnview at the one time?  That is really my prime requirement for an image viewer.



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