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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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SkyIDE Beta 8 Released. If anyone gets any errors while trying to compile, please double check your paths even if it means re-installing the tools. Over here, I don't have any errors.

Added: Support for the Openwatcom C+
Added: Select a project directory when creating projects
Added: Dynamic Auto Complete picks up user defined variables of any type now
Added: Dynamic Auto Complete for Pascal
Added: Dynamic Auto Complete for VB
Added: Dynamic Auto Complete for Digital Mars D
Added: Auto Save Projects Option before Compile (off by default)
Added: Auto Save Files Option before Compile (off by default)
Added: SkyIDE's maximized/restored/left/top/right screen positions are now saved
Added: Go To Function Declaration (right click menu)

Bugfix: Start-up bug - start up speed lag with multiple open files
Bugfix: Object Viewer & Dynamic Auto Complete confused keywords with variables (sometimes)
Bugfix: Dynamic Auto Complete picked up line-commented variables
Bugfix: Object Viewer picked up line-commented variables
Bugfix: Pascal function/procedure detection did not work so well
Bugfix: Bug, Unable to paste via keyboard's 'CTRL+V' to the line search input
Bugfix: Windows 2000 error
Bugfix: SkyIDE Free Pascal compiler bug (when compiling files)
Bugfix: Digital Mars D keywords syntax highlighter bug - (mistake caused by a typo)

Improved: Start-up speed with multiple open files
Improved: Document tabs are now just above the source files instead of stretching all the way
Improved: Completely re-organised the right click menu for the editor - no longer cluttered
Improved: Now the appropriate C++/D/Java etc toolbar is shown/hidden when the right file is shown. No more cluttered interface!
Improved: Compile Menus merged. Now everything is under one compile menu
Improved: The File Inspector now scrolls instead of using a multi-tab format
Improved: SkyIDE no longer closes when there is one document open

I must say I am impressed with the speed you have been implementing features and bugfixes. This has been advancing quite fast for a one man project!

Thanks Gothi[c]! :) I will look into Bakefile and see if I can have it ready for Beta 9.

Awesome. :)
Bakefile is really nice, it lets you make one project file that can be exported to automake, visual c++, borland and many other formats, great for cross platform projects :)

Great work, SkyIDE  :Thmbsup:


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