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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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I will look into it. At the moment I really have no idea why you are getting that.


I've uploaded SkyIDE Beta 5. In this release:

BUGFIX: Dynamic Auto Complete introduced in Beta 4 had errors. Dynamic Auto Complete stayed on once it was set to on. Should be fixed now.

BUGFIX: The object inspector had bugs with the "for" loop detection. Should be fixed.

ADDED: Implemented FULL JavaScript Support. It should work :) I hope there aren't any bugs.

ADDED: Started work on the HTML section. NOT COMPLETED.

EDITED: Collector has been merged with the file inspector in order to save same screeen space.

Regarding the error in Windows 2000, I could not work out what the problem is. No one else has tested it on Windows 2000 so I am not sure if that happens on Gerome's PC only or on different PCs too.

This sucks
There is a bug with the C++ toolbar in Beta 5. It is always disabled regardless what type of file it is. I will upload a new Beta 5 in 24 hrs.

FIXED. Beta 5 Update 2 available. Sorry about that :D

SkyIDE Beta 6 Released. In this release:

ADDED: FULL Digital Mars C++ Compiler Support.

HTML: Enhanced HTML Support (still needs work)

BUGFIX: Set / Change Project Options had a bug. FIXED.

This will make SkyIDE support a total of 4 compilers: GNU C++, Borland C++, Sun Java and Digital Mars C++.
I am considering support for the "D" programming language.

If anyone downloaded Beta 6 7/8 hours ago, there is a new upload again. I noticed due to a typo in the source code, in the "Compilers" section, when having selected the Borland C++ compiler, when you pressed the ... button to locate the compiler, nothing happened. However you could enter the location manually. I fixed the problem with the latest update so when you press the button now, it works.


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