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What was a great program that's now been forgotten?

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There are perhaps hundreds if not thousands sitting out there. There are some that are still available on the web(!) in some form, such as VuePrint. Can you think of others that should have never died?

Here is a program I used to make MP4 files compliant so that my set top box would play them.  MkvToMp4  The last rev was in 2013.

It worked especially well in batch due to the multi-threaded implementation.  The function was to make an output file that was MP4 compliant by demuxing, fixing the audio to meet the standard, then remuxing.  The program is portable.  I had an external SSD in a docking station.  The program along with input, intermediate and output files should all be on the SSD.  Due to the lightning fast random access characteristics of the SSD I would watch the progress bar zip through the files.  The video was not reencoded.  Only the audio track was modified.

For those with a Western Digital set top box or something similar it may still be very useful.



-mouser (January 24, 2020, 10:53 AM)
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indeed...the master makes an appearance!

A long lost great one(s):


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