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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - The Form Letter Machine v1.16.01 - Mar 16, 2017

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Download beta version (1.16.01 BETA) from here (or portable).


v1.16.01 - Mar 16, 2017

* [MajorFeature] First High-dpi compatible version beta.
v1.15.01 - Dec 31, 2014

* [Feature] You can now write specific instructions/comments for a form while editing it, and it will be shown at the top when filling out the form.
v1.14.01 - July 14, 2014

* [MinorFeature] Added icons to menus.
* [MinorFeature] Changed default background color of text window.
* [MinorFeature] Added menu item to explore userdata directory.
* [MinorFeature] Added display of userdata directory in statusbar.
* [MinorFeature] Added print menu item to print text directly from program.
* [BugFix] Fixed bug where variables were not discovered on first startup.
v1.13.01 - Nov 28, 2013

* [Feature] Portable zip now uses ConfigDir_Default.ini which is overridden by the presence of a ConfigDir.ini file, so users unpacking the contents won't overwrite any custom ConfigDir.ini  they may have.
* [Feature] Now using a dual package (installer and portable zip), with portable zip preconfigured for portable use; installer and executable are now signed.
* [Feature] Option to check for updates at startup.
v1.12.01 - March 21, 2011

* Options form now fixes up userdata directory if invalid.
* Better browse for custom userdata directory.
* Incorporated new built-in (optional) update checking.
v1.11.01 - November 20, 2009

* Leading and trailing spaces in variable values are no longer trimmed
* When an output file is specified on commandline and user quits without saving, the output file is deleted (used to write a blank file)
v1.10.01 - November 9, 2009

* Added ability to export trees in XML form (great for backing up, transferring to another tool, and most importantly, using with the new online Tree Form Machine Online).
v1.09.01 - March 15, 2009

* Added Text Manipulation Functions.
v1.07.01 - 11/17/07

* [VISTA FIX] - now defaults to configuration settings in user documents subdirectory.
* [VISTA FIX] - program no longer volunteers to run after installation, in order to prevent it from running as admin.
* Now supports the configdir.ini setting to override default configuration directory location.
* You can now set a custom directory for your userdata\trees and userdata\vars directories.
* Added warning text when saving trees and vars to make sure user knows they need to be saved in userdata directory.
* SaveAs directories were sometimes not initializing properly.
v1.05.01 - 06/15/07

* bugfix: the -out=filename commandline argument was not being honored.


v1.04.01 - 09/04/06

* Text now has proper CRLF even if you select and copy a portion of it. 
* Added right-click popup menu to copy selected text to clipboard. 
* New bug was forcing CR's at word wrap position on newly edited text blocks. 
* Resizing edit dialog now expands text area. 
* Added %CUSTOMDATE% field (see Special Variables). 

v1.03.01 - 8/30/06

* Text was being copied as LFLF instead of CRLF.   

v1.02.02 - 8/30/06

* Fixed bug where wrapping caused begining of next line to skip a space between words. - thanks superticker! 

v1.02.01 - 8/21/06

* When splitting lines in word wrapping mode, extra spaces between sentences were causing extra indents. 
* Added inline spellchecker.   

New version (1.04.01) is uploaded, mostly with minor enhancements - but one bug was fixed that makes this a highly recommended update: hard carriage returns were being inserted into edited text blocks at wrap locations, which could result in unwanted forced CRs in final output.

To all users,

Please post each new BUG REPORT in it's own thread. Do not use this thread for bug reports. You can add them to the The Form Letter Machine forum. After one is posted, we will add it to the The Form Letter Machine - Official Bug Tracking Thread. This will help eliminate the clutter that was the old bug tracking thread.

Thanks for your help!


Updated mainly with fixes for VISTA.  You can also now change the location of the config/data files.

v1.09.01 - March 15, 2009

* Added Text Manipulation Functions.
Just a minor update that includes some functions that let you change the case of variables and remove @.., useful for using TFLM to respond to emails.

I hope to have a more substantial update soon.


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