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Very broad: ISO Questionnaire Software with Report Functionality


This is a very broad question:   

I am looking to see what my options are for adding questionnaire functionality to my website.
So Let me know if you can recommend a well developed questionnaire software or your approach (i.e. Use all SAP modules, Use xxxxx software, send data to your SQL Server, then do your reports with Tableau, etc, hire xxxxxxxx corp this small business developers to do everything, setup these APIs, Use these 3rd party software service providers, etc. )   
The short storybook scenario might be:   
       Front End:    I provide several users(100-5000) with a code(via email), they logon to a website, they are prompted with a questionnaire.   They fill it out, Mostly multiple choice but may have some open text they can enter in, done.
       Back End:     After several people take the survey, the data will be ran through a report program to provide statistical results and charts.


What do you have in place for your current website (OS, webserver/software, database) ?

There are a bunch of 3rd party services that will let you create and gather data.  They charge different prices based on how frequently you need to conduct surveys and how many people will be answering.
They are quite smooth and work well.
These days more and more services like this, which one used to install software for on your own server, are now being handled by specialty websites for a cost.

If the cost makes sense for you then it can save you a ton of hassle to use one of these 3rd party sites, especially if it's just a one-of survey and not a regular thing.

Perhaps the best known and most advertised service is SurveyMonkey:

Some alternatives can be found here:


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