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Interesting article discussing how C on modern architectures is convoluted

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The "C" programming language enforces nothing in the way of memory model or threads or processor layout. The language itself can be applied to almost any hypothetical processor system

Intel processors certainly do.  For example, here's a KB article from Microsoft describing an update that contains microcode to fix a Spectre vulnerability: https://support.micr...el-microcode-updates-mwb1100 (January 01, 2019, 04:04 AM)
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Neither the Intel nor AMD x86 processors can be fully redefined with Microcode, though. The companies don't want to provide much information on what is possible, and the firmware blobs are undocumented, encrypted and digitally signed - but the general idea is that some of the more complex things can be tweaked, whereas a lot of the more common stuff is pretty hardwired.


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