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Out, damned WiFi spot! Out, I say!

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Running Windows 10.

I recently dropped one ISP in favour of another.

My WiFi is connected to the router provided by the current ISP.

The previous router has been removed, all cable disconnected.

When I select the internet icon on the task bar, the fly-out still shows entries for the old, defunct ISP as options

It looks roughly like this:

Connected, Secured

How can I remove the OldISP entries?

I've tried various netsh wlan commands which I thought should have done the job.

It's only a cosmetic issue but I'd prefer not see entries for non-existent connections.

Any help would be welcome.

Can't you right-click the old ones and select "Forget"?

Right click the tray icon and choose Open Network and Internet Settings.
When that box appears, select Wi-Fi on the left, and the third option down in the middle should say "Manage known networks".
Select the old ones one by one and choose Forget.

Thanks for the response  :)

Yeah, tried that one already. Supposedly forgotten already but... there they are, hanging on.

Yes, they are persistent. I seem to recall that I accidentally discovered how to do this in Win10 Pro - by resetting the wifi device.
Go to Windows+X, Device Manager, Network Adapters and select the wifi device, then do the steps uninstall-reboot-reinstall (or maybe it was disable - reboot - enable) on that wifi device. It expunged the traces in the Registry. Try it and see.


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