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Best 'no frills' clipboard history tool?

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Hi Forum,

I am looking for the simplest possible application for managing clipboard history.

I only and solely need the two following features:

1) immediately paste the clipboard's content as unformatted text using a customizable keyboard shortcut
2) saving the last 10 to 20 clipboard entries as unformatted text (no images, no formatted text, no fancy frills, no search function, no cloud function etc.)

Thanks heaps for suggestions!

most ergonomic answer:
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My Clipboard Help and Spell will do what you want, but is almost certainly not the simplest or most minimal tool.

most ergonomic answer:
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-Curt (May 28, 2019, 09:05 AM)
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I don't think that people get that questions are asked because others want feedback from users that they sort of trust.


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