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IDEA: prefix folder name with number of files within folder

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e.g. Folder1 contains 16 files and Folder2 contains 8 files so their new names become "16 Folder1" and "8 Folder2".

I have been unable to find any existing programs which do this.

Thank you very much.

Shouldn't be too horrible to do.

edit: Done diddly.

Pull any folder you want on to the executable and it will count the folders and files inside and rename the folder to "# OldFolderName". I put the sourcecode rar as well. If you want it for multiple folders at once that can be easily done.

Edit edit: Okay, added functionality to drop multiple folders in at once.

Requires .Net 4.6.1


I made a folder named "test" containing four textfiles and dropped it onto the exe and got this

"Checking: C:\Users\MyName\Downloads\test
4 found
Renaming test to 4 test
4 test already exists"

The folder remains unrenamed.

I would definitely appreciate one that can do multiple folders at once.

Oh, I just noticed "Requires .Net 4.6.1".  I'm just going to check if I have that.

I have .NET Framework 4.7.2


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