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error findandrunrobot.ini is not a find and run robot configuration file



I installed latest version 2.234.01 on windows10
When starting the application:
\\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini is not a find and run robot configuration file.

This file does not exist in this directory.

Closing the app:
Failed to delete previous temp file \\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini.tmp and
Error: could not write temporary file \\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini.tmp for saving

Findandrunrobot works all the same but i cannot save the changed HotKeys,

Any idea?

It sounds like its not happy with your config files being on a network location.
If you edit the configdir.ini file in the C:\Program Files x86\FindAndRunRobot you can give it an alternative local drive directory to store all your settings and custom stuff, so it won't need to write to the network drive location.

Hallo Mouser,

You are right.
Thanks a lot.

It's working now!

Regards Battus


Thanks, Mouser! I had the same problem, and it was easy to find the solution and apply a fix. I've been using FARR since 2010, and it's worked flawlessly the whole time.

I can only speculate, but I suspect installing the notorious Windows 10 1903 update is what messed things up. Using 1809, perfect, but after the final 1903 installation reboot, the config.ini message appeared when FARR started up.


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