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Filename Balloon Tip in System Tray..... How to get it to show??


For some reason the Balloon Tip in System Tray doesn't show up after a screenshot capture.  I do have the preferences box checked, yes.

Any ideas what I might be able to do to get it to show up.

Not sure I've really taken a screenshot capture, so I end up taking a bunch, then checking the folder to make sure.

A work-around is to "After capture show...  Post-capture popup dialogue."

But a 3-5 second Balloon Tip would be the better way to go, to be sure capture was actually taken.


Nicholas Kormanik

I'm assuming you have this setting enabled:

And do you have the notification area setting for Screenshot Captor set to "Show icon and notification" in your windows system tray options?

Yes to both questions.

As I recall, at one time the tray notifications for Screen Captor did work on my computer.  Not sure why not now.


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