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Mobile Responsive Templates Design Advice From You!


The Code Queryer:

Apart from Bootstrap (Twitter stuff), do you know of any free Mobile Responsive Design templates ?

I got a pagination page. I need to convert that to Mobile responsive Design. Searching for a template so I can learn from it and convert my pagination page so it looks good on mobile phone browsers too as now it looks terrible as you need to scroll and the texts look too small, etc.

Hence, need a Mobile Responsive Pagination page template.

Also need Account Login, Account Registration Page (web forms), Account Home Page Mobile Responsive Design templates.

Must be in Html 5 and CSS.

I am googling but no real luck.

Any advice ?


Download the MobiRise installer. That must be the most simple way to create (static) pages for your local test environment or your hosted domain. It is free, has quite some extensions, which are not all free, but improve the already very functional software a lot. I believe they also have hosting plans and they do offer new templates from time to time, which are also not free.

Still, it is a good start for HTML 5 with CSS and javascript, all rolled into one. 


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