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Kirby Alarm 2.11, causes Opera to Freeze and others ?


I have Installed Kirby Alarm v2.11 ( Windows 7 ) ...Ive been using it for years ok, but recently, by a process of elimination in 'Start Up' ( msconfig ) It seems Kirby is causing Opera, and Videopad both to open normally a few times, then they BOTH Freeze ( Force shutdown box appears ) ..
I really want this Kirby 2.11 as it has all my stored Reminders ... any help what i can do from here ??? i dont want to use another reminder company, as ive used Kirby for a long time !! :-*

I have Installed Kirby Alarm v2.11-screenshot1 (January 12, 2019, 01:26 PM)
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I can't help with the original question, but, you appear to be using the last free version (Web site checked 2019-01-14):
Kirby Alarm & Task Scheduler
 Kirby Alarm Pro (v4.45)
File Size: approx 6.5 MB | Date: April 13, 2008, 9:49 pm
Kirby Alarm Pro Lite and Kirby Alarm Pro are the same program, but with some of the more advanced features disabled.
 Kirby Alarm v2.11 (Old free version)
File Size: approx 2.47mb | Date: February 10, 2015, 6:52 pm
Old free version of Kirby Alarm v2.11 originally released in 2004.
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I don't know why the file is dated 2015 if it's for a 2004 program.  But... maybe a program that old doesn't play nicely with late-model Windows?  The current Pro version - now 11 years old itself - works fine on Vista Home Premium, but I haven't tried it on anything later.  Maybe time to consider registering, or an alternative program?


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