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Order of icons and "Metro" apps questions


Just discovered this today and it really looks like what I was trying to find. I've been using Advanced Launcher, but my needs have grown past what it can do and it seems to be abandonware these days.

My first question is can you move the icons around in the toolbar? Either a drag and drop (preferable) or buttons to "move up"/"move down"? I can't seem to find a way to do that either directly on the toolbar or in the setting/tree box.

Can you create links to the new Windows Apps programs? Linking directly seems to have permission issues.

- Michael

Hi Michael,
From the tree box you should be able to drag and drop items. Just click an item and hold it for a moment then move it to your desired location.
As for your second question about creating links I am not sure.

I guess I was just being a little impatient with the click and drag business. That "wait a second" is what got me. (I want it to move NOW, doggone it!  :D)

So the metro apps: Dragging them to the toolbar creates a link with permission issues (even with "run as administrator" checked). If I create a shortcut on the desktop and drag it to the toolbar it can't copy the data from the shortcut. If I have it create a link to the link, it works. So I guess the workaround is to create a bunch of links to the desktop and move them to some other folder and then drag them to the toolbar and have it create links to the links. Not ideal, but it seems to work. If anyone knows a better way, let me know!

- Michael


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