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[Win][Suggestions needed] Ensure network shares are connected reliably at login?

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Hey everyone! (for those who recognize the username, yes, I'm still here now and then)

I'm sure my situation is not unique, but I've tried different suggestions around the net and none have handed my delemma. I have a NAS set up for the better part of a year, have it hooked to my domain, outside access, all that good stuff. However, on the LAN if I don't wait for the network adapter to establish the connection before I enter my credentials, all my local shares appear as disconnected.

Now I've known for years that simply opening up the shares will force Windows to retry the connection - and up until recently, that was an acceptable quirk. However, I'm using the NAS as the storage medium for AMDs new(ish) ReLive. And because it runs at startup, if I don't wait for the network connection before logging in *or* very quickly opening up My PC and forcing Windows to try again, when the driver software launches it will see that the share is disconnected, and disable ReLive (at least, the Instant Replay functionality I'm using the most). And because it's not in my muscle memory, I often forget until something happens that I want to capture - and the ReLive software simply says "Instant Replay Off".

So... Is there a tool that can attempt to reconnect with disconnected shares every half-second or so, running on startup, thereby mitigating the driver software 'try-instantly fail' situation? Free solutions or otherwise (cost within reason), I am just tired of this being an issue that I have to handle myself.

Thanks all (and if there is a separate section of the forum for stuff like this, sorry, I didn't see at a glance)!


Something like this may work: <----- this site will complain if you have AdBlock, but it's basically a "Startup Program Delay Timer" thing, so Google should help you find an alternative, if needed!

Delay the startup of ReLive by about...5 minutes? (Sufficient time to get other stuff sorted)

Once that is done, create something quick and dirty that will open up on of your shared folders before ReLive tries to establish its connection (set it as a startup task with no delay).


Use the Task Scheduler to run a script at System Start.

A simple PowerShell or batch file that checks for the existence of the network share, looping every X seconds until it appears.

On my phone atm but something simple like:

--- Code: PowerShell ---for ($i = 0; $i -lt 100; $i++) {  if (Test-Path \\nas\folder) {Exit}  Start-Sleep -seconds 1}
It'll test for the share every second for 99 seconds, exiting if it exists.

for ($i = 0; $i -lt 100; $i++) {
  if (Test-Path \\nas\folder) {Exit}
  Start-Sleep -seconds 1

It'll test for the share every second for 99 seconds, exiting if it exists.
-4wd (January 06, 2019, 01:37 PM)
--- End quote ---

I know nothing with regards to PS; however, this seems ideal from a simplicity standpoint... but it doesn't seem to do anything to trigger a change in Windows' state of the share. If I run the Test-Path command (with \\NAS\someFolder) manually in PS it does return True (and a bad/non-existent dir returns False, so I know it's actually querying the share)... but Explorer still shows the share as disconnected. :huh:

It's probably something I'm not seeing - some background: I have four shares, all with Windows drive letters (W X Y Z) and they are all on the same machine (so W: is \\NAS\folder, X: is \\NAS\anotherFolder, etc). Would that be handled differently, instead of a share that isn't being mapped..?

Interestingly, if I run Tast-Path on Y:\ (which houses my media collection and where I am pointing ReLive to), while Windows thinks it's disconnected, it returns False. Hmm...

Sorry, don't know, I've never used mapped drives because the few times I did try them, (back with XP), they've never been as reliable as UNC addressing to the IP.

eg. \\\folder

Haven't used any program that doesn't understand UNC so it's never been necessary to not use it.


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