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Totaly fail....


Hi UrlSnooper users.
I'm a new user. I start my adventure in order to find the video streams of the national television from Holland ( but i realize soon that this is totally impossible since they hide the real stream so good.
I come to this conclusion after trying to get the stream using UrlSnooper but also by reading related information around on the net.

But my problem is that then i try to use UrlSnooper, just to get some random streams audio and video.
I try for the last 2 days, more than 50 different radio and tv stations around the world, all FREE, nothing illegal, nothing commercial. Most of them FREE national radio or tv stations.

After 2 days of Snooping, i get 0 (zero) streams....

So my question is: is Snooping dead?
Are now online radio and tv stations aware about this applications and hide the stream so deep, so it is impossible to figure out the streams?

And finally: If any of you had lately success founding stream from a web site, can you please provide the web site in order to test it and see if this is a problem of my set up?

Thank you

It is getting harder and harder to snoop streams.. I'm afraid I don't have any great advice.. It's been a while since I listened to audio streams on the web..


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