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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018

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Early Black Friday deal over at StackSocial:

Windscribe Pro VPN:
$12.00  1 Year
$24.00  3 Years
$59.00  Lifetime

Apply code BFSAVE40 at checkout for 40% off the above which brings them down to:

$7.20    1 Year
$14.40  3 Years
$35.40  Lifetime

They have dedicated Windflix servers, (for accessing US/UK Netflix), keep no logs, and allow P2P on almost all the exit gateways.

Disclaimer: I have a Windscribe Pro account from an earlier deal more than a year ago, they have been great.  Can't comment on their Windflix servers, (for accessing US/UK Netflix), since I don't use Netflix.

I guess it's that time of year again, twitter and mailboxes are starting to fill up with black friday/cyber monday deals, and we usually try to have an aggregate thread going. Here are a few to kick things off:

* no starch press - 42% off, live
* Beyond Compare - 25% off, monday only
* F-Secure - 50% certain products, live
* FSD Fonts - 40% off, friday only (PragmataPro among others)

Macrium - 40% off Reflect 7 Home Edition, live

Good stuff

VMware - Black Friday sale up to 35% off (including upgrades)... but:

Use coupon code BF2018 and get up to 45% off.  The coupon was supposed to expire on 11/19, but seems to still work today.  I'm not sure how much longer.

Also, the free VirtualBox is pretty darn good.  If your needs are met by that software, you can effectively get 100% off.


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