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DONE: copy my wallpaper's full title

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regarding "Send To...": Send what?

Does this help?
URL [How to Find the Current Wallpaper File Name and Path in Windows 8 and 10]
If the PoSh script does what you want, then I can try to make it more like you originally wanted.-4wd (October 10, 2018, 09:46 PM)
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Maybe it could be part of my desktop context menu? and from there* simply offer to Copy Full Path or To Open the picture right away, as a new step one+two? 
*there = "Desktop Background File Location":-Curt (October 12, 2018, 12:55 AM)
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Any icing on this cake would be, if it (the cake?) is part of my Desktop Context Menu
Futher more, it doesn't have to open Explorer  or  to copy the path  if it can have my image viewer (IrfanView) open the picture right away.
Well, that would be something like Send "Desktop Background File" To IrfanView.   If that is a genuine Send To...

, maybe i'll include the idea of 4wd as well,
.... let me suprise you :)
-KodeZwerg (October 12, 2018, 04:33 AM)
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no, NO!  :o   :(   
I swear, I already have plenty of screen-savers and wallpaper-changers. Please at least keep keep such projects apart from "IDEA: copy my wallpaper's full title"! -Curt (October 12, 2018, 08:00 AM)
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Curt, calm down, he's talking about having it overlay the picture name/path on the backdrop as an option not implemented as a screen-saver/wallpaper changer.

Like DisplayFusion does:

DONE: copy my wallpaper's full title

After all, if it's going to be loaded all the time as either a SysTray program or COM object why not add options - you don't have to enable/use them.

Welcome to Open Wallpaper v1.0
(c)reated by KodeZwerg for DC in 2018

-Curt Edition-

Extract the OpenWallpaper.7z anywhere (NOT IN \Program Files\ !!! if, then in \Program Files (x86)\ !!!)
Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
A Dialog will appear, click [OK], thats it.
From this point you can right click on desktop and choose "Open Wallpaper".
This would run any associated application according to fileextension found.

Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [No], delete OpenWallpaper.exe, thats it.

Updating Registry:
(needed if you copy OpenWallpaper.exe elsewhere or rename it)
Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [Yes], thats it.


Windows 8 or higher.
Administrative Rights to install/modify setup.

further updates if at all can be found in this thread:
i might extend application, watch on forum for a thread by me KodeZwerg with name like Wallpaper Tool.


i hope everything works as expected, on my machine it does.
you can pre-test application by run "OpenWallpaper.exe -open", if it succeed you can follow above guide.



if the 32bit version is buggy for you, i've also compiled a 64bit version here.


amazing   :-*

You have absolutely nailed it, KodeZwerg! This is exactly what I was hoping for: A bare minimum doing minimum stuff the right way! Bravo!
KodeZwerg is no longer a zwerg, but a coder.

I have tested both 32 and 64, and they are both fine, but I am using the 64 version.

--- ---You have been donated
One minor thing: You should never use 7zip when you are going to enter other people's computer. Only use normal zip. This is not a safety related question or something, but simply a question about what people have as default. 7zip is not a default.

Thanks also to wraith808 and 4wd and 4wd for helping out.


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