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Humble Bundle for Xara tools


We'd been talking about Affinity Publisher vs Adobe Indesign, and now Humble Bundle comes along to throw another entry into the ring.

For $25, you get a lot of software- but I'm most interested in Xara Designer Pro X.  Has anyone used it?  I've looked at a couple of comparisons and reviews, but nothing beats that hands-on review from a non-reviewer.  At $25, it's hard to lose out getting it, but I was just wondering if anyone had experience with it.

I've not tried it but for twenty-five bucks it's hard to say no. OTOH the last Humble Bundle for which I fell is languishing unused in the murky depths of my 'maybe one day' drive.

Our own Carol Haynes has recommended Xara Designer Pro several times.


Humble Bundle for Xara tools


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