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Sometimes, I come across software on the web that I want to let people know about.  I don't really want to make a new thread of each one, and so sometimes I just don't.  I figure that others might have the same dilemma, so just like our thread for Android apps, I figured that this could be a place to post about interesting software that others might like.

I just came across one on GHacks that I wanted to share.  The original article can be found here.

It's called RainWallpaper, and it's free and portable.  It's a dynamic wallpaper engine, and it seems to be worth looking into.  I am running it now, and it's very soothing to see the wallpaper animate.  It's using about 20-40% GPU, but it pauses automatically during full-screen activities (like games) and gives you the ability to pause it also.  It also includes authoring, and sounds (with the ability to mute it).  It looks well thought out.

The homepage is found at  It accesses a deviant art gallery from within it to download new wallpapers, and it seems like quite the active community from what has been posted.

Take a look, and post your little known software gems also!

Neat! Thanks for sharing  :Thmbsup:

Thanks wraith, there is a dog one that is very cute  :-*


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