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ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart

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With latest build, go to options and check that: ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart (you might need to run with adminrights since its writing to registry without aquiring some)

Could that be that your screenshot is from automaticScreenshotter, not from ScreenshotCaptor? And, so far,  I can´t find options in ScreenshotCaptor.

And, so far,  I can´t find options in ScreenshotCaptor.
-HelmutWe (June 26, 2018, 11:53 AM)
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Edit -> Preferences

I found that. Thx. But I can´t find what is shown in ScreenshotCaptor Help. A view with a title bar (white letters on blue background: "Screenshot Captor Options") as here.
ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart
Screenshot of ScreenshotCaptor Help, not of ScreenshotCaptor.

What version of screenshot captor do you have?  That's a really old dialog... It's been a treeview for a while now.


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