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Abusing Emoji on your computer filesystem

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So, who's going to be the first programmer to adopt a poop emoji as their default file extension?
Most computer systems today (e.g. Windows, OSX, Android, iOS) use a thing called Unicode to represent text. Since computers work in binary, there needs to be a way to take a string of binary and convert it to letters and numbers to display on the screen. Unicode is one way to do that, and any system that uses Unicode knows that 01000001 is the capital letter A.
Since all of these emoji are part of the Unicode standard it means that emoji is essentially text, and it can be typed into anywhere normal text can be typed into, which means we can now put them in lots of funny places.

--- End quote ---

On Mac/iOS:
On Windows:

It also works on Linux.  I know because I created a file named new_file.🐮
(that's "dot-cow" just in case ya didn't know)

from it's way too late and I can't even

I guess I'll claim "skull poop L" for my extensions. :P


(that's "dot-cow" just in case ya didn't know)
-Edvard (June 16, 2018, 01:44 AM)
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Well, that's a disadvantage of using emoji: you'll need to explain what its meaning is... A case of "One word saying more than 1000 pictures" ?

And on my default Android browser (Pale Moon for if it matters) it's displaying those emoji as gray squares :huh:

For your enjoyment:

I guess I'll get involved and claim 🚀👨

After this thread was created, I discovered that recent versions of Windows 10 have a hotkey to bring up an emoji selector: Win+. (period) or Win+; (semicolon).


And you can even press the hotkey and then just start typing a word like "rocket" and it will filter the emoji for you. 👨‍🚀🚀👩‍🚀


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