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micro Tool contribution that list all connected Drives

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Hi there,
heres a small Tool that will List all connected Drives/Partitions with its proper Drivenumber.
My goal was to achive "On wich Drive is a Partition hosted".

Screenshot: micro Tool contribution that list all connected Drives

Full Delphi Source included, have fun!

*updated the DriveType, sorry i used outdated function, now correct Winapi used.
*corrected integer <> cardinal type issue
*corrected CDDrive to Drive #255 (<- this feature needs inserted media to properly work)
*added Bustype to seperate Usb-Drives and Internal (both are of kind "Fixed")
*corrected Display formatting

Download with Full Delphi Source is up again, sorry for earlier Release!

Forgot to mention, this tool need admin-rights to properly work!
*added UAC Manifest with requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator"

I am more than sorry, another Integer<>Cardinal issue fixed and upgraded Bustypes to all current possibilities (Sd, Mmc, Virtual etc)

Included Binary compiled with Delphi 2009.

Hi KodeZwerg -- I'm happy to see you are going to contribute to NANY event.

But you've posted in the NANY 2018 section -- but the NANY 2018 event is over.  What you want to do is wait until NANY 2019, which will probably be opened up around september or so.

Not an uncommon mistake, it can be confusing how we call these things.  Bottom line, NANY 2019 is our next event and you have a few months to wait until its open.

Ohhh... than sorry me and the other Post by me, you can keep files, its free for all :)

If anyone interested, an updated Version is avail in Post #1, should be final i hope :-)

an updated Version is avail in Post #1,
-KodeZwerg (June 14, 2018, 06:02 PM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks  :Thmbsup:


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