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Search program clock on your desktop. With the weather. As in Android


Hello guys. Here are my programs on the second monitor
1- Rainlendar
2 -Pomodoro
3- Toggl

Just asking for 2 more places. Advise if you know.
1)Watch the weather, as in android. Beautiful black in this same style.
2) And a small window, the CPU load, its temperature and memory load  :Thmbsup:

For CPU temperature, I don't have a good desktop widget for that. I am using Speedfan, which does have a tray icon.

For weather, CPU load, memory, wifi, battery, calendar, and trash bin, I am using the old Yahoo Widgets. Whereas you may be able to find an installer for the base engine application, the actual widgets to use with it may be difficult to find, and some, like the weather widget, near impossible to find one that actually still works.

If you like anything you see in this screenshot, let me know and I'll see what I can do to give you more info, or a source to acquire them, if necessary.

For the weather widget, I may be the only source for the one shown on my desktop, that actually works, since I had to decompile it and fix it myself.

Search program clock on your desktop. With the weather. As in Android

Weather widget in compact view:

Search program clock on your desktop. With the weather. As in Android

app103 . I really like the weather widget on your screenshot. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I searched and downloaded the Yahoo widget, but it looks like this Please share a link to your weather widget. Also the question is, how much does it consume RAM? The clock is also good

There is a desktop bar that contains all the widgets in your collection, which is what is showing in your screenshot. You need to open the widgets from there, to display it on the desktop like I have them. Then you can close that toolbar so that it stays in the tray as just an icon. The open widgets will remain on the desktop, unless you close the whole widgets application or the individual widgets.

Attached to this post you will find my fixed weather widget. Keep a backup of the zip file, after extracting it, in case you should need it in the future. Then just click the extracted widget to open it.

Unless you have changed the widget engine's default settings, it will ask if you want to move it to your collection. The answer is yes, move it, overwrite the original existing widget, whatever it wants. Once the non-working widget has been replaced with this one, you should be good to go.

One note about this. I only replaced an old dead URL in the original widget code with one from that works. The weather widget will occasionally crash if/when it receives bad feed data from, which is something I have not fixed (and do not plan to).

I am not sure which clock you are referring to, since there are 2 on my screen.

The analog clock is the Carmino Vector clock, a stand alone application (not a Yahoo widget) from here:

The digital clock is my own DClock project (also not a Yahoo Widget), which you can find here:

As far as RAM is concerned, I can't really say. It couldn't be all that much for just the weather widget, though, since I have used the whole collection you see in my screenshot, plus a ton more stuff, on an older Pentium 4 PC with 1GB of RAM. (the Yahoo Widgets engine and all widgets were written for XP era computers, which were typically single core and usually 2GB of RAM, or less)

Thank you very much


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