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Peculiar windows problem

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bad memory can cause all sorts of weird problems like you have posted.  I would run a memtest on the computer.  I usually run it for a mninum of 24 hours.  Some people say  you only need it run for 1 pass, but I have discovered it often takes more than just a couple of passes.

I'm with 4wd.  Try a new PSU.

At this point I wouldn't rule out anything.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks guys - sorry not to get back to you sooner. Since I last wrote I have spent nearly a week semi-delirious with the flu.

I am not sure it is a hardware problem. Games play fine at full throttle (at least the ones I play on Steam - I haven't bought anything much new for ages).

I have Windows 10 and 7 dual booting - it is 7 that is causing issues.

I have checked everything out in windows 10 and apart from an unidentified USB device everything seems to be working fine and smoothly. The unidentified device is, I am pretty sure, the internal card reader (I have tried disconnecting USB devices and the malfunctioning devices doesn't disappear but I haven't taken the side off the box to unplug the card reader - I have also tried every external USB port and they are all working - and since all the internal headers are brought to the outside apart from the one used by the card reader I think I can assume the motherboard USB infratsructure is fine).

I suppose the time is approaching where it will be easier to shift to 10 but I have still have some programmes that don't run well on 10 and my graphics card is on a legacy driver (I can't really afford to buy or justify a new one).

The issue in 7 seemed to largely fix itself with a rollup update so maybe some configuration got broken but today I clicked on chrome to open and the it instantly black screen rebooted.

Maybe I need to shift as much as I can to 10 and then do a clean install of 7 just for legacy bits (a Virtual box doesn't quite cut it).

Tip of the Day: Never use Facebook as an indicator of the health of your PC or browser.

Facebook has been known to experiment with stuff, and for it to go horribly wrong, disabling functionality of various parts of their site.

They roll out changes, both good and bad, to a limited audience, so the changes may affect some accounts and not others, or some accounts under certain conditions, browsers, OS's, or combinations of things.

If you want to know if something is wrong with your PC or your browser, use other sites (more than one, in more than one browser) that actually care enough about user experience to not test crap on their live production servers, because if you let yourself become a victim of Facebook's code experiments, you will be driven completely mad, for no good reason.

App has a good point.

Agree totally.




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