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Since Website-Watcher's Forum Closed, Where are Users Meeting?

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Hi, downloaded WebsiteWatcher and set it up to monitor when an item is back in stock but didn't seem to see fields. Emailed support who said that page needed to be monitored by "screenshot".

Tried doing so and it just keeps setting off alert though no changes are seen.

I searched the help files, www, youtube etc, and unable to figure out how to use Monitor page with screenshot method and any assistance much appreciated. Since it's a Trial version I don't want to waste WW Support time on it but do wish they'd make some youtube videos etc to help others.


2019 versions is out and it seems like they moved forward a bit by adding a chromium browser as an alternative to using IE.

Too bad they removed the automatic time setting of auto-watch instead of improving it.

by adding a chromium browser as an alternative to using IE
--- End quote ---

That's a great addition  :Thmbsup:

WebsiteWatcher remains one of my favorite tools.


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