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Since Website-Watcher's Forum Closed, Where are Users Meeting?

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It appears that, at least some time ago, there was a handful of users of Website-Watcher in here, but lately there has not been any talk.

Since the official forum closed last year, I wonder if there is some community elsewhere to share plugins and talk about issues. Do you know of any?

(Edit: guess I made a mistake and this should be on the section "General Software Discussion" instead. If so, if possible, mod, move it please.)

I'm still a multiple-times-a-day user of Website Watcher, so we can always discuss it here..  I guess I don't really use the advanced features though, so we may not be much use for such information.

Me too  :Thmbsup:

I guess I don't really use the advanced features though
-mouser (February 13, 2018, 01:07 PM)
--- End quote ---

You don't use plugins?

I have one to convert pages to feeds and grab the full text feed, other to automatically detect and leave only the main text of the page, some for price checking and others more page-specific.

Recently I heard of a web service similar to WSW. If I were to use it to do the same I do with WSW, I would have to buy their most expensive package ($300 per month) - so I would not, as I don't have that much money.

I guess WSW is still be the best of its class. Even the news agency Reuters mentioned it on a job ad.

Some plugins I still wish to make/obtain one day:

validate canary alert signed with PGP;

download page with PhantomJS or similar if the page is not compatible with the built-in IE (as it seems IE won't be updated anymore after Edge lunched and the developer said there is no plans to use another engine with JavaScript support).

Dear all,
I am a WSW customer for a little more than 10 years now! I don't know why Martin (WSW's developer) stopped his forum. Maybe lack of time ?
For my part I have always preferred to ask him many questions directly. He has always provided fast and helpful answers.
Alas I am not a coder so I can't help much with WSW scripts. But this is a great software. So thank you Martin anyway. ;)

>Netrunner :
For your RSS Full text script, I advise you to test this in conjunction with WSW. ;)

See ya ;)


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