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SUMo - Software Update Monitor - free PRO license

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Looks like BitsDuJour has three SUMo offers by now:
- Discounts for a 1-Year License
- Discounts for a Lifetime License
- Free License. (At least according to the user name.)


Enjoy, probably.

Midnight Rambler:
Thanks, man.  For those interested, found the free license key worked with the Giveaway installer version but not with the normal SUMo Lite setup version.

It worked with the portable ZIP here which is my preferred download. :)

I don't really see the value with SuMO... it's just a monitor, not an updater. So the user still needs to do the actual updating.

I've been happily using PatchMyPC for a while now. Fully featured with scheduling, lots of options, etc. Supported program list has most of what you'd expect (all major browsers, Acrobat, 7Zip, Revo Uninstaller etc etc). Not a huge database of programs (around 300) but works quietly and reliably in the background.

Midnight Rambler:
Sumo Pro 5.6.5 available here, today only from Giveaway of the day.  Codes also enable portable version.


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