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Chrome on Windows Phone


Stoic Joker:
We just did an update on our business software and ran into a bit of a glitch. The web section of the software now requires Chrome to access. And a large enough to be a real problem portion of our staff are currently using Windows Phones.

So does there exist any Chrome/Chromium based browsers for the Windows Phone?

Preferably looking for something that someone has tried/knows will work.

Never found a different browser for Windows Phone...but surfing on a mobile was never a high priority for me. Then again, I used a Lumia 520 at the time with Windows Phone 8.x.

I don't think there are many people on the forum that still have a Windows Phone or Windows 10 mobile device, so let me add my perhaps unwelcome findings:
- Maxxthon
- UC Browser
- Surfy
- Nokia Xpress
- shiye-browser

- Sleipnir not sure if this will work on MS phones, but at least it is webkit based.

Here is another link with a top 10 browser list for MS phone devices. This list shows Opera as an alternative. That might be your best bet for a Chrome-ish browser.

Preferably looking for something that someone has tried/knows will work.
-Stoic Joker (November 28, 2017, 10:59 AM)
--- End quote ---
can't recommend anything.

A search found this:
a 2016 recommendation for 'Coc Coc Browser' 'based on Chromium'.

I have/use a Win.8 phone, in the Windows Store I find 'Coc Browser' with 5 ratings :-/

A search for Chrome [in Win phone Store] does find a bunch of browsers, but none of them actually acknowledge Chrome, nor Chromium.
Surfy Browser 4.5 stars - 1646 ratings
UC Browser 4 stars - 5376 ratings

Stoic Joker:
Well poo...

I'd already tried most of those the other day, and none of the few remaining options worked either. And this particular web interface - which is trying to AppCache for offline use - is construed as mission critical by our micro management team ... So it looks like a forced jump to Android phones to get to the straight Chrome (spyware) browser.

Thanks for checking.

Found two links intended for developers that enable the use of AppCache (HTML5) on Windows 10 mobile. Maybe these can help getting that to work Win 10 mobile and Edge/IE version for those devices,
According to this link AppCache is deprecated from HTML5 standards:  (it also states what you should be using for similar functionality, not that that is of any help with getting your thing done on Windows phones)


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