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New faster Firefox browser released

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Mozilla is getting some attention for a big new revamp of their Firefox browser that is supposed to be much faster and more memory efficient..
-mouser (November 15, 2017, 01:58 AM)
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initially it seems to be more memory efficient.
And it is definitely more CPU/page file efficient -- where older Firefox sinned a lot for me.
But on a Win.7 laptop with 8GB memory, I have already gotten this warning a couple of times (FWIW never used get it before)
Microsoft Windows
Your computer is low on memory
To restore enough memory for programs to work correctly, save your files and then close or restart all open programs.
this after leaving a window open a while with a bunch of tabs -- less than twenty, many of them video (mostly youtube) -- but all video except one either paused or not playing.
Closing Firefox releases ~ 4.5GB.
FWIW on restart it behaves.

A few more days with 57 it is still better and less hungry than < 57 but Chrome still wins, both Win 10 and Mint.


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