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2017-10-30 1512hrs: Thread set up after reading Curt's post (see next post).

Beginning from 2010 I have mentioned Code-It a couple of times, first on He ("MikeB") makes software for Windows and sells it suspiciously cheap! Now he is writing for Linux as well; I guess he likes their philosophy on pricing...

For those of you that might be interested -
I have released several new Linux software apps today.
Take a look at

Thanks for your continued support and have a GREAT weekend,

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-Curt (October 28, 2017, 05:18 PM)
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Not just the site, but their links in: Recommended Free Software

This is the main site link:

But that is not all. Performing a Site search can be very useful/revealing: [insert your own search terms here, without the square brackets]
(That will search the public forum, but not the more private Basement threads. You will need to be a member and then go to the Basement to search there: <>


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