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Windows 10 suddenly black and white :-(

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suddenly my Windows desktop - along with all programs - turned black and white. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del still brings up the *blue* screen (lock, change password, start task manager, ...), and after rebooting, Windows' log-in screen is as colorful than ever, so I'm really puzzled... I can't say for sure that I didn't accidentally hit some mysterious keyboard shortcut, but I wouldn't know which one.

I *really* hope someone has an idea regarding how to fix this. The only solution I could find with Google was to update the gfx card driver (Intel HD Graphics 520). It didn't make sense to me but I tried it anyway. Since I already had the latest version I downloaded and installed an older one, but that didn't help.


I wonder if you haven't activated some sight-impaired screen reader mode or theme... Have you tried going into your windows display properties and checked your theme?

Yeah, I checked that already but couldn't find anything related to black and white.

Webcrawler in the donationcoder irc chat seems to confirm my theory, he says: "there is a grayscale filter in ease of access settings"

Massive thanks to you and Webcrawler, that was it! :D

You can find it by hitting the Win key and typing "grey", and the related hotkey is Win+Ctrl+C.


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