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Free Game on Humble Store

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Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Store for ~18 hours, or while supplies last:

The Amnesia Collection is free on Humble Store for ~2 days:

Redeemable on Steam. Deadline to redeem is February 10th.

When you first posted that, I thought "Oh hey, cool..." but then I remembered the first time I tried to play Amnesia the way the devs suggested to play it (in the dark, monitor gamma turned down, headphones), but stopped after one too many times of me pulling off my headphones, spinning around and saying to the darkness "Helloo?  Somebody there?".  That's the ONLY time I've EVER done such a thing.  Never again.

I attempted to play the Half-Life 2 demo a week or so ago; headcrab zombies scared the puhjeeblies outta me.  Never again.

I'm seeing a trend here...

The Darkness II is free for the next 2 days.

It must be redeemed to a Steam account by April 11th.

Spec Ops: The Line is free for the next ~14 hours.


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