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Timestamp Clamper - for hammering file/folder timestamps into a reasonable range

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Hi fellas,

Long time, no post. I thought I'd show a little weekend hack of mine -

This is a tool for when you need to replicate files from A to B, but some files have timestamps so far in the past or in the future that they aren't supported by the B's file system. Think, for example, copying from NTFS to FAT and looking at a file that somehow got created in the early 17th century.

No, don't look at me. It turns out to be a common issue with the photographer kind as older cameras did weird things with timestamps. Like leaving them at all zeroes, which translated to whatever the earliest date/time supported by the storage file system was. So there's lots of photos around dating back to Jan 01, 1970 and some such.

In any case:

* Uses parallel file system scanner, so it's rather fast.
* Simple UI with in-place error feedback.
* Drop-down list with predefined ranges for common file systems.
* Preview / live mode.
* Copy-pastable log, with full error reporting and summary stats.
Homepage: ...sort of
Download: -- 85 KB, no installation needed, no dependencies

Any comments or suggestions - I'm all ears.


Boy, that's fast!!!

Thanks for sharing.

To my amazement I found one file 'created' in 1601. I know I'm getting a bit long in the tooth but really‚Ķ   :o

Searched 1708 folders, 31185 files as close to instantly as I can measure subjectively (actually reported as 0.1 sec).

Sweet!  :Thmbsup:
ps. this qualifies as a NANY release (

ps. this qualifies as a NANY release (
-mouser (October 02, 2017, 07:05 AM)
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Haha... excellent :)

I've been meaning to make a NANY release for years now. Started on a LAN chat for the 15/16 cycle, got about 50% way through, but then the routine got me, so it's been sitting on a shelf since then. The UI had some bright moments to it though (, so I'm still planning to finish it at some point.

Boy, that's fast!!!

Thanks for sharing.
-cranioscopical (October 02, 2017, 07:02 AM)
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a tenth of a second!


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