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NANY 2018 Release: twtxtc


Application Name twtxtcShort Description A command line client for the twtxt micro-blogging network Supported OSes
* tested on FreeBSD and Windows 10
* will probably work everywhere else as long as a decent C compiler and curl exist LicensesMostly WTFPL, includes one MIT-licensed libraryWeb Page Download Link Check the attachment or compile your own version from the website System Requirements
* runtime: curl (executable) in your PATH
* building: CMake and a C compilerAuthor Take a guess!
A command-line client for the twtxt micro-blogging system, written in C.

README (excerpts pasted here for your convenience, please refer to the website for boring technical details and TODOs):

What is twtxt?

twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist approach to micro-blogging, similar to Twitter but with self-hosted plaintext files. See the original twtxt documentation for details. twtxtc is a twtxt client written in the C language.


Build or download an appropriate curl binary for your system and place it into your $PATH or the twtxtc folder. If you don't, you won't be able to retrieve your timeline. Sorry.


--- ---./twtxtc [COMMAND]

--- ---tweet <text>            Adds <text> to your twtxt timeline.
timeline                Displays your twtxt timeline.
following               Gives you a list of all people you follow.
follow <user> <URL>     Adds the twtxt file from <URL> to your timeline.
                        <user> defines the user name to display.
unfollow <user>         Removes the user with the display name <user> from your timeline.
help                    Displays a help screen.

If found, twtxtc will use the .twtxtconfig file inside your HOME directory. (See twtxtc help for information on where it should be found.) The .twtxtconfig file is meant to be a valid JSON file like this:

--- ---{
    "nickname": "tux0r",
    "twtxtfile": "twtxt.txt",
    "maxlog": 100,
    "spacing": "   ",
    "following": {
        "user_1": "",
        "user_2": ""
Possible entries are:

[*]nickname: Your preferred nickname. Only used to filter mentions to other people.
[*]twtxtfile: The location of your twtxt.txt file. Defaults to ./twtxt.txt.
[*]maxlog: The maximum number of entries shown when you view your timeline. Defaults to 100.
[*]spacing: A string value that contains the spacing between the user name and the text when viewing your timeline. Defaults to three spaces.
[*]following: A list of users you follow. Can be managed with the follow and unfollow commands.

The current limit of the list of users you are following is at 4 KiB. You probably won't reach that limit any time soon.
--- End quote ---

A Windows binary is attached. Here is the source code for your pleasure:

Have fun etc. etc.

Update: Fixed non-Windows issues. Next time I should read the manual or something.

Fixed src:


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