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Possibility to chain searches?



after getting familiar with FARR I am impressed by its functionality and want to replace other search or launch software with it. One feature that I have not found yet is the possibility to chain searches.

As an example: I would like to edit the "todo.txt" file with "notepad2". Typing "no" and FARR finds "notepad2" as the first hit. Now I would like to open "todo.txt" using "notepad2". So for example by pressing TAB I get the full path to "notepad2.exe" but cannot search any further for the "todo.txt" file which is located in a different directory.

So ideally I am looking for something where you search the application, then press a key which stores the application and starts a second search for the command line that is feed to the application, then type the search for the file, then select and hit enter so that the app is called with the complete path to the file in the second search.

Is this feasible in FARR or already implemented and I am just overlooking something?


There is no way to do exactly that, BUT you can create an alias that will open the current file in a specific program.
So you could create an alias triggered on np, and after you find todo.txt you would add like "+np" and hit enter and it would open todo.txt in notepad.

maybe some alternatives

You could drag the executable to the toolbar, which adds an icon, then search for the file, drag drop the file onto the added icon. The icons can be reused ;-)

If you do it the other way around, so first find the file, then select a program to open it, there are several alternatives on this forum.

Open with is also available via right click on the file, select the first option: shell context menu.., then select open with.


Thank you for the hints. I will try both methods, an alias and also dragging the most used programs onto the toolbar. Still, if this is in the future possible to chain searches this would be quite helpful to use FARR for many tasks which are quite slow using Windows Explorer.

There is an alias setup that enables you to do a similar thing.
ie, you find the file and append . to the search string and the result list is replaced with a menu of programs to run on the file.
it should be configurable per filename extension etc, and you need to play a little with FARR aliases.

Here is the link to the original thread, it has all the details:


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