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Routing issue?


So around a month ago I noticed I can't get to DC and another site (and a handful more that I have discovered since)

My first thought was my connection, but only two (at the time) were inaccessible
Second thought DNS issue but why affecting two+ different sites?
After noticing that DC (and those other(s)) ARE accessible through a VPN I thought may be my IP is banned but then why would DC or a few unrelated sites ban my IP.
So finally I do a traceroute to DC (and another site) and 8 hops from me just after my ISP's addresses I get the dreaded ??? ??? ???

Other than calling me ISP does any body have any thoughts? I am afraid such a routing issue won't be solved by my clueless ISP, they are not going to check what is likely a routing issue beyond their servers, not even their own probably.

(In the past days I am checking DC through Opera VPN and Windscribe with no problem)

WireShark has a steepish learning curve, but with that tool you can identify where things go wrong when you surf to these problematic websites. This software sees all network traffic going through your network and you can gain a lot of deep insight in what your problem is and where it occurs.

Tools like traceroute and perhaps nslookup (regarding DNS) are the first troubleshooting tools you should use to find out about simple networking issues. But for a more thorough investigation, use: Networkminer or when things are getting complicated: Wireshark.

Both can be obtained for free, but require that you install the latest version of WinPCap (also freeware). The pro version of Networkminer is more powerful, but comes with a hefty price-tag: 900USD, but the free version is likely already helpful enough.

Have Wireshark, will try to investigate further. Never heard of Networkminer, will check it. Thanks Shades.

There's also Fiddler for watching/capturing web traffic.


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