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Shortcut keys in the pop-up windows


Good evening,

how can I select the option in the screenshot pop-up dialog menu with the shortcut keys?

Please see image in attachment for details: when I try to press one letter it doesn't work correctly (it puts it in the "Override filename" box or doesn't do anything...).

Thank you

best regards


hi Davide
try the letter with the Alt key e.g
will save image keeping window hidden etc.

What tomos said, but ALSO, you can change where the focus starts on that dialog, from the "Quick Bar and Post Cap" options tab, near bottom.  That can be useful if you don't use the Override Filename option much.

ALSO: As you get more experienced with SC you might consider disabling the option that even shows that dialog, as I and many others do, and just tell SC to stay minimized after each capture.


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