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DcUpdater fails when checking for updates

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When I ask ScreenShotCaptor to check for updates, I get: "DcUpdater Warning: No valid packages found (with current search restrictions)".

In the operation log I find the following:

--- Code: Text ---ERROR: Config File '-dontofferdcupdaterpage' could not be loaded by TinyXml lib - Failed to open fileScreenshotCaptor: needs checkDcUpdater Program: needs check
Any clue?

I believe this was a bug I fixed on the last update of DcUpdater..  Yes I see the changelog for the most recent version lists it:

I have manually installed DcUpdater 1.32.01 and the problem seems to have disappeared (the actual updating of ScreenShotCaptor seems to face a slow download issue, I'll report back on this when I'm back home this evening).

P.S. how comes searching the forum for "No valid packages found" or for "DcUpdater Warning" didn't give me the answer (if there is a "string match" search option I couldn't find it)?

Searching is always a bit of a cat and mouse game.. Had you guessed to search for "dontofferdcupdaterpage" you would have gotten some good results..

well... search engines are supposed to allow you to find what you're looking for with any string found in the actual text...

Seems the search engine for this forum is very poor--or I don't know how to use it...


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