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Record whatsapp calls software

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I will like to whip your bag, Contro.

Are you using Android? Click this: android record whatsapp

1'st answer (at least in my query):

Set your phone to automatically Record any incoming or outgoing phone call as well as Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, oovoo and Tango calls.
All your Calls are saved on your phone.-Real Call Recorder
--- End quote ---

But of course, it may not be working, I haven't tested it. Look in the right margin for similar apps.
-Curt (June 03, 2017, 03:01 PM)
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Running to try !!!!!  :-*

I don't dare.
The first link is Quora. And the comments are so bad in general that I presume a headache.

I have a paid app for record phone, and some of these apps goes both phones and messengers. I don't want lose the phone record going well now for me.

All movable sands.
Very bad commentaries.

I think is time to go a mobile forum and ask for a real user with good results.

When I get that good results I will put here.

Best Regards

Contro, you really cannot trust these user comments! Further more, you don't know what phone & operating systems they have tested the application on. Your phone is quite vintage, so if an app has not been updated for a while, it may get bad user recommendations, because it isn't updated for the newest Android phone, but at the same time, this may just be the app that is perfect for your retro phone.

You don't know until you have tested them.

Relax; they are only virtual...

Keep in mind that this is a somewhat dodgy thing to be doing, so appstores are pretty sure to be full of pretty dodgy applications claiming to be able to do it.


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