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Record whatsapp calls software

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I would like to record the whatsapp oral conversations with preferable a free software.

Do you know anyone ?

Best Regards

You might find something here:

You might find something here:
-tomos (June 01, 2017, 04:53 PM)
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:-* It was the same link i have. But I would like more if you know the program.
Thanks anyway and trying.

So..... I will comment for everyone in this forum.


Are you using Android? Click this: android record whatsapp

1'st answer (at least in my query):

Set your phone to automatically Record any incoming or outgoing phone call as well as Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, oovoo and Tango calls.
All your Calls are saved on your phone.-Real Call Recorder
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But of course, it may not be working, I haven't tested it. Look in the right margin for similar apps.

messenger call recorder   have very bad opinions. Not recommended at present time 03.06.2017.21.07
Similar names in google play similar commentaries. Not recommend...
Call Recorder For Whatsapp Glupsss not recommended. Not at all, not at all.
Whats Call Recorder bad

Uff. The lands seems very movable. Even depending on the device you have the results may vary.

Real Call Recorder  Bad.

The Quora article promise but is really nothing.

I continue the searching.

Mi device is a Samsung Galaxy S4
or the Lenovo A Plus


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