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Avg driver updater


Can someone help me to activate avg driver updater please?

Welcome to DC, nglcwy4
Regarding the driver updater, you must purchase a key before you can activate the program: Then try doing as they say here>

also quoted here:

Download, Install, and Activate AVG Driver Updater
This article outlines the steps involved in Downloading, Installing and Activating AVG Driver Updater. Drivers are small software programs that allow hardware to communicate with the operating system on your computer. The AVG Driver Updater software, scans your PC for missing, broken or out of date drivers, and can increase the computers performance by automatically downloading and installing windows updates and driver updates for your hardware.

    Find the Driver Updater in the AVG Download Center
    Run the download file, and follow the instructions to install AVG Driver Updater in the install Wizard.

    Upon completion of installation, activation is required in order to update all device drivers

    Click Register Now on the bottom right corner and enter your Registration Key.
    Click Activate Now.

Avg driver updater
Avg driver updater
Avg driver updater

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