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it should definitely be a cartoon.
maybe a picture of a dog paying a cat to code :) hehehe
or vice versa.

Cat slumped over the keyboard a sleep, with the words " is my life, and what a life" typed on the screen, a coffee mug with written on it, not forgetting the t-shirt emblazen with ""

And maybe the phone ring appearing to ring in the background

Here's a few .gifs of keyboards and other stuff:

This last one is from Google, but it's an idea. But I think a simple drawing is better than a complex picture. At the least, it provides a layer of abstraction.

I definitely think the mascot has to be an uniquely identifiable character rather than a generic object such a keyboard, computer or suchlike.

I also think there shouldn't be too much going on in any of the logos E.G. a cat coding whilst connected to the internet, drinking coke, smoking a cigarette with a TV on in the background, phone ringing, donations coming through the letterbox and dinner burning in the kitchen - though it probably would accurately describe some of us here (minus donations).  ;)

Simple and effective is the only way to go.  A cartoon cat at a keyboard does have a certain charm and hopefully does get across the spirit of the site.


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