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Errors when trying to open files after update


Hi guys,

I installed the latest update and now when I try to open a file it gives two errors:

1. CommandLine Arguement Error (result is -1)
2. Bad invocation of QuickDocLaunch. Exiting. (result is --1)

Kind of pointless if I can't oepn files. I also can't open most applications except for Microsoft Programs like Word, Excel.


Try going to the "Launching Files" option and look at the checkbox for "Use file launch helper utility" and try unchecking that.
If that doesn't help try changing the "Launch Method".
I'm thinking something might be blocking the helper utility.

Thanks Mouser! First suggestion works. Weird that this would get ticked after the update, but it also fixes the other applications that wouldn't run like Kindle as well.

Thanks again!


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